Samples from Spirit As Me

1. Heaven Help Me
2. Do You Believe?
3. Figment
4. Spirit As Me
5. Why Am I?
6. Mary Spoke
7. Secrets
8. Desert Storm
9. I Reach For The Stars
10. I Heard The Angels Say
11. Little Dreamer

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Spirit as Me is a project that has been in my heart for a long time. However, the making of this CD was quite the contrast from the computerized sample loops form used today. Working with the right combination of real live musicians gave my music warmth and emotion that I wanted to convey to my listeners. I feel this CD has achieved my goal of telling my interpretation of the experiences of life. For example, the birth of a child, and what that brings to one’s life, the different flavors of love and the discovery of grief through loss. Each song was written to evoke emotions no matter where those emotions may lie ...whether they are deeply suppressed or worn on the sleeve. Spirit as Me was written for the ebb and flow of life.

Johnny Mulhair is an incredibly talented producer and musician. He makes it very comfortable to bring the character of each song to life. He also gives intuition and patience to each song’s uniqueness. You can hear and feel each expression from his guitar. Johnny Mulhair is one of the best guitarists around. I have not only had the pleasure and honor of working with him but seeing him play live which demonstrates and exhibits his smooth effortless mastery of the guitar.

Paul Goad has the talent and skill to be a one man band. He plays multiple instruments on Spirit as Me, he plays bass, organ, harmonica and various pianos. He has a genius to interpret and arrange a song’s potential as it is played during a jam session. Music flows through him like light travels through the air which makes collaborating a true joy. His production talents are definitely show cased on “Heaven Help Me.” He is able to verbalize and bring to life my unspoken vision for the song. He is a true professional that is open to direction and is generous with this gift.


Brad Billingsley is a master of rhythm. He has the flexibility to play any type of percussion. It doesn’t matter how large or small the piece is, he will lay down the percussion track effortlessly. Brad comes in and does his thing and requires no introduction, for his percussion speaks for itself. He is a wonderful musician to work with.

Let me add that these musicians are masters. They are my “Real Guys.” I look forward to sharing their talents with you all live on stage.

Spirit As Me
Hilary Bonura: Lead Vocal, Harmony and Acoustic Guitar
Johnny Mulhair: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Pedal Steel
Paul Goad: Piano, Rhodes, Hammond Organ, Bass Guitar,
Harmonica, Synthesizer
Brad Billingsley: Drums, Percussion, Congas
Jill Mulhair: Vocal Harmony

Produced by Johnny Mulhair & Paul Goad ("Heaven Help Me") at Mulhair Recording
Studio, Clovis, NM. Mixed by Johnny Mulhair at Mulhair Studio and Mastered by
G. Preston Boebel at Clear Lake Audio, Hollywood, California

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This is for all our fallen heros and their families.